the smaller parts of me

the plantain treeonly bears fruit once,however,the marvelous tree of bodhicittawill bear its fruit and grow unceasingly.* bodhicitta is the mind stateof a bodhisattva,a person who vowsto save all beings. I used to think all beings meant every being, but now (at least to me)it meansno being is too smallto exclude. like the smallerparts of me,and how my bodyfeelswith each actionI take. iContinue reading “the smaller parts of me”


I want to bea bodhisattva. Bodhisattvasdevote their entire livesto helpingall beingsachieve their ownblissfulpotential,Buddhahood. A bodhisattvais releasedfrom the dungeonsof the spinningwheels of samsara, My samsara is looking forother people to tell me I am okay,or to talk me down,and give me peace,to say how brilliant I amover and over,but even if they try,it’s not enough. IContinue reading “Bodhisattvas”

Shantideva’s Dream

Twelve hundred years agoon the night before he was to become kingShantidevawas visited by Manjushri,the bodhisattva of wisdom,in a dream. Manjushri told him to renounce worldly life and seek ultimate truth. So he left his homein Saurashtra, Gujarata peninsula in the Arabian seaand became a wandering beggardedicating his lifeto simplespiritual practice I wonder if he foundNalanda University350 hoursContinue reading “Shantideva’s Dream”