My Husband

My husband does karateand plays the guitar. He sits on his chair,a broken recliner,reading his bookon Saturdays,only leavingto read it in the bathor make dinner. He gives big tipsat restaurantsand saves money so he can retire early. He plays the twelve-bar blueswith our kids,calling out the chords,in front of the fire. My husband sets downContinue reading “My Husband”

A Poem for Someone Who Never Broke My Heart

A poem for someone who never broke my heart. Whose quiet presence is always there, like my skin. Someone who takes care, but not of everything, leaving socks on the floor, pouring me a glass of wine. Someone, Who stares at his iPad when I want to talk. Who gets cold eyes when I becomeContinue reading “A Poem for Someone Who Never Broke My Heart”