Weekly Gratitude 2/20- Yellowstone National Park

I don’t think I am alone in that my memories are frequently negative.  Studies have shown, bad memories linger longer and are remembered more vividly than good ones. Writing these gratitude lists forces me to sit down and remember how much freakin’ fun I’ve had in my life. This one is about the summer I worked inContinue reading “Weekly Gratitude 2/20- Yellowstone National Park”

Weekly Gratitude List – 2/7/2021

I have appointments for my first and second dose of the Moderna vaccine. My student, who was in Kenya for Kindergarten, told me a story about his first day of first grade, “I saw you, and we did yoga, and I didn’t even know it was a sandwich, and I picked a sandwich, and IContinue reading “Weekly Gratitude List – 2/7/2021”

Gratitude- Vaccine, Returning to School, Family, Biden Harris

I am closer to getting a vaccine. I spent 3 hours waiting online to get an appointment. I did not get an appointment, but I am on a waiting list, which is much closer than I was a month ago. This experience was both frustrating and exciting, like I was in line for concert tickets.Continue reading “Gratitude- Vaccine, Returning to School, Family, Biden Harris”

20 for 2020, My Gratitude Challenge

20 for 2020, I called it. On December 6th, I decided to do a Gratitude Marathon of sorts. I would write 20 things I was grateful for each day. I was unsure about it. I didn’t know if shouting out my blessings into the void was appropriate at a time when so many people areContinue reading “20 for 2020, My Gratitude Challenge”

Gratitude for Returning to School

I’ll listen to podcasts on my drive there and novels on the way home. I’ll have a bright, safe space to meet with students. I’ll get to chat more with co-worker friends and take kids outside for their groups. We can watch spring come together, and look at the sky instead of screens. Then, weContinue reading “Gratitude for Returning to School”

20 Things I Want to Remember About 2020

Today, the last day of my gratitude challenge, I posted 20 things I want to remember about 2020. The deep sacrifices made to save lives. The ways people spoke out about injustice. And the sometimes stunning silver linings. How I skimmed the articles about COVID-19 in January, thinking it wouldn’t affect me. How much healthContinue reading “20 Things I Want to Remember About 2020”