Gratitude Day 12

I teach English Learners at a diverse school in the suburban Twin Cities. I get tired of the news painting such a bleak picture of what this year has been like for EL students. Today, my list is focused on what has been good about teaching in a pandemic. The girl from Palestine who showedContinue reading “Gratitude Day 12”

Zoom Teacher

I love the windowof zoominto the homesof my First grade studentslearning the short e soundand how to count by twos. Some quiet and tidy,parents standingready to help,kids eating blueberry  muffins.A girl getting up to dance wildlyto the Days of the Week song Some kids workingwith baby brothers cryingtoddling over to their ipadstouching their screens SoContinue reading “Zoom Teacher”

Teachable Moments: Living, Educating, and Parenting During COVID-19

April 25, 2020 Dear Parents, I am a parent and have been a teacher for 20 years. I see so many parents on social media that are so stressed about the pressures of remote learning. I am writing this to say, STOP! YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS TO YOURSELF! Teachers barely understand howContinue reading “Teachable Moments: Living, Educating, and Parenting During COVID-19”