First Grade 2020

I went in the classroomto get my student,but they were sharing riddlesthat they had writtenin their paper, word-study booklets.So I stood next to her deskand waited. Eleven desks were evenly spacedthroughout the room.Kids, whose feet could not yetreach the floor, sat in chairs wearing soft, bright masks. The teacher’s examplelit up the Smart board,What hasContinue reading “First Grade 2020”

On the Same Day

October 2, 2020 The President was taken to the Presidential suiteat Walter Reed Hospitalon the same dayas I raided my housefor food. (Thinking I have so much food, rummaging through the vegetable drawer in my fridgefinding organic, pre-washed baby carrots, slimy, from sitting, uneaten.) to put outsideof the trailerof the mom whose hair is alwaysneatlyContinue reading “On the Same Day”

20 Ways to Feel Better in Fall of 2020

Breathe into your belly. Take a walk at night or in the rain. Clean something you don’t usually clean. Run vinegar through the coffee pot or wash the shower curtain. Hang your sheets to dry in the sun.  Take a nap, inhaling the freshness of them. Exercise.  Do yoga and focus on your breath.  LiftContinue reading “20 Ways to Feel Better in Fall of 2020”

No One Stole Your Childhood, An Open Letter to My Kids, Summer 2020

Dear Abby and Eric, We cancelled most of our plans this summer. I know this disappointed you and you had to adjust. However, some one posted on Facebook that her kids’ “childhoods had actually been stolen” and I want you to know that, though part of you may be grieving, no one has stolen yourContinue reading “No One Stole Your Childhood, An Open Letter to My Kids, Summer 2020”