Gratitude 3/7/2021

  1. I am reading The Book Thief. I can’t get over the colors, light, and beauty against such an ugly backdrop of poverty, war, cruelty, and Nazi Germany.
  2. My neighbor had some families over for a fire yesterday. I realized almost all of them regularly give blood. One man gives platelets, a two-hour appointment, every eight weeks.
  3. I was so inspired I made an appointment to give blood over Spring Break, something I don’t think I have done since high school.
  4. I got my second dose of the Moderna vaccine.
  5. The vaccine site is so masterfully organized in a gorgeous room at the Minneapolis Convention Center. At other times, I’m sure that room holds galas. Black tablecloths cover the spaced-out tables. A nurse sits at each one with a little cooler that holds the vaccine. I wish I had asked my nurse his name.
  6. The weather is wonderful. Spring is coming early, at least for a bit.
  7. I am grateful for every day that Donald Trump is no longer the president.
  8. I am glad I am not getting a stimulus check this round. It didn’t make sense. My family does not need financial “relief.”
  9. I am grateful for the support I have received in trying to implement a recycling program at the school where I teach,
  10. the county coordinator, who calls me and helps me to problem solve;
  11. the teachers who have taken on the challenge;
  12. and the kids who are learning new habits.
  13. I have had some very discouraging and stressful moments trying to implement this recycling program. Last Monday evening, I almost sent an email to my principal saying I needed to quit because I was taking home too much stress. Then, Tuesday morning, a fifth-grade teacher told me she was reading a book to her students about women who change the world and how they talked about me. It filled me up and reminded me to never underestimate the power of kind words.
  14. My husband spent many hours this week putting together the new IKEA dressers I bought for my daughter.
  15. I am grateful for Circus Juventas and how much my kids love going there, especially my daughter. She takes Contortion and Spanish Web classes, and my son takes Juggling.
  16. Yesterday, while my daughter was at Contortion, my son and I went to the Red Balloon bookshop.
  17. We wandered around and looked at books, remembering last summer when we could not go inside.
  18. Then, we went to Bread and Chocolate, and I remembered going there with him when we took a baby class at the Red Balloon with the most amazing woman. She could quiet a room of crying babies with her violin.
  19. I ordered an almond croissant, and he ordered a blueberry muffin. We sat on a bench and ate them in the sun.
  20. When we picked up my daughter, we gave her a chocolate croissant.
  21. While she ate it on the way home, she told us that she got her costume for the Spring Show and that it made her feel like a mermaid.

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