Gratitude 3/1/2021

  1. The sun has been out and warm.
  2. I met two friends for walks this weekend with my dog.
  3. I bought my dog a new leash, the retractable kind, so she gets to spend more time exploring.
  4. I saw my mom for her birthday. We bought her a pink sweater, a turtle hand puppet, and yellow flowers. The kids made her cards, and we lit beeswax candles and sang to her., sending her home with lemon cake.
  5. Kev and I binge-watched Ted Lasso on Saturday. That show makes me so happy.
  6. I have been listening to a podcast called Coffee Break Spanish. I love how my brain feels when I work on learning a new language.
  7. Both of my kids got to see friends yesterday.
  8. My daughter and her friends walk around and go to the coffee shop or buy pizza and eat it outside.
  9. My son got invited to play laser tag with a friend for his birthday. He really liked one game where he got to be a zombie.
  10. I am reading a wonderful book, The Book Thief.
  11. I have an online mental health coach, and she helped me create a mantra that is really helping me – I am filled with peace and unconditional self-love. No one’s actions or inaction can shake the undeniable truth that I am worthy. No one’s words or silence can shake the undeniable truth that I am lovable. No one’s approval or disapproval can shake the undeniable truth that I am strong. I always have been.
  12. I was getting dehydrated, and then I remembered that I like to drink warm water in the winter. 
  13. My children are very independent with their school work.
  14. My family has a ritual of each saying three good things that happened in our day at dinner.
  15. We also say a gatha (Buddhist prayer of sorts) before we eat. Earth, water, air, and fire combine to make this meal. Numberless beings have died and labored that we may eat. May we be nourished, that we may nourish life.
  16. I love rituals like that that make the day feel more sacred and joyful.
  17. I made it to work a tiny bit early every day last week,
  18. which made the drive so much more relaxing.
  19. I have discovered eye shadow base which makes my eye makeup last all day.
  20. I have a zoom call set up with my high school friends tonight.
  21. My coffee just got knocked over a bit, but the wall caught it, and it did not spill.

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