the smaller parts of me

the plantain tree
only bears fruit once,

the marvelous tree 
of bodhicitta
will bear its fruit 
and grow unceasingly

bodhicitta is the mind state
of a bodhisattva,
a person who vows
to save all beings.

I used to think 
all beings meant 
every being, 
but now 
(at least to me)
it means
no being 
is too small
to exclude.

like the smaller
parts of me,
and how my body
with each action
I take.

i can be 
a bodhisattva
by figuring out 
how to
stop arriving
at work
five minutes late.

my mornings
can be 
and tightness
can choose not
to visit my chest.

*taken from The Way of the Bodhisattva by Shantideva

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