Weekly Gratitude List – 2/7/2021

  1. I have appointments for my first and second dose of the Moderna vaccine.
  2. My student, who was in Kenya for Kindergarten, told me a story about his first day of first grade, “I saw you, and we did yoga, and I didn’t even know it was a sandwich, and I picked a sandwich, and I said, ‘Where’s the fork?'” He thought that was wildly funny.
  3. Donald Trump is not the president.
  4. I went to get the first dose of the vaccine at the Minneapolis Convention center. Everything was so orderly. A massive line of teachers spaced six feet apart wrapped around the building’s halls and the perimeter of rooms. The line went so fast, and I ended up in a vast ballroom where nurses sat at tables covered in plastic clothes. The needle looked huge, but the shot only stung for a second. Then, I went to the other half of the room for “observation” to make sure I didn’t have a reaction to the vaccine. Chairs were dotted throughout the space in neat rows like graph paper points, all six feet apart from each other. Two oversized digital clocks measured by the time so that everyone knew when their fifteen minutes was up.
  5. 1.6 doses of the vaccine have been given per 100 people in this world, and I got one of them.
  6. I read The Snowy Day to my First-grade groups all day on a Thursday, sitting so they could see the snow falling and blowing in the wind out the window.
  7. I have been reminded by my reading of Pema Chodron and Shantideva how precious and rare my condition is.
  8. I have a window of my life where I can focus on the dharma or Buddhist teachings.
  9. I am healthy. My family is healthy.
  10. I am not overly distracted by wanting more than I have.
  11. I have a community to practice with and a teacher.
  12. I am not affected by war or poverty.
  13. My husband is making chili tonight like he does ever year for the Super Bowl. My daughter always decorates the chili bowls with the word “super.”
  14. My son’s birthday is tomorrow. I love the things he always wants for his birthday, so simple and sweet.
  15. orange fanta and frozen ravioli for lunch
  16. his grandma’s french toast for breakfast
  17. and vanilla cake (with no frosting) from a Trader Joe’s mix.
  18. We make it in a Pikachu-shaped pan.
  19. I took my kids to Red Balloon Bookshop to buy beautiful, new books yesterday.
  20. I took pictures of my students without their masks on. I printed them out on the color printer and they picked their favorite color of construction paper to paste them to. Then, they wrote their name and drew decorations in thick black marker. I hung them up on the wall and I love seeing their sweet smiles, uncovered by masks, when I walk into my room.
  21. steel cut oatmeal, berry scones from my favorite bakery, coffee with soy milk, and naps under my electric blanket

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