Gratitude for Returning to School

  1. I’ll listen to podcasts on my drive there
  2. and novels on the way home.
  3. I’ll have a bright, safe space to meet with students.
  4. I’ll get to chat more with co-worker friends
  5. and take kids outside for their groups.
  6. We can watch spring come together,
  7. and look at the sky
  8. instead of screens.
  9. Then, we can write about its vast blueness,
  10. how our feet slide on the ice,
  11. or the first blade of green grass.
  12. I can stop at the co-op
  13. and buy kombucha
  14. or a vanilla scone.
  15. I can have kids put away their iPads
  16. and paint pictures
  17. mixing colors to match the season
  18. or act in a play.
  19. I can teach the whole school to recycle.
  20. I can give each child a turn to ring the bell
  21. and listen, so still and quiet, until there is no sound.

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