Gratitude- Vaccine, Returning to School, Family, Biden Harris

I am closer to getting a vaccine. I spent 3 hours waiting online to get an appointment. I did not get an appointment, but I am on a waiting list, which is much closer than I was a month ago. This experience was both frustrating and exciting, like I was in line for concert tickets.Continue reading “Gratitude- Vaccine, Returning to School, Family, Biden Harris”

Dr. Miguel A. Cardona, Nominee for U.S. Secretary of Education

Dr. Miguel A. Cardonais a stocky, 45-year-old manwith short, dark haira white goateeand horn-rimmed,half-framed glasses.He wears a wedding ringa gold watchwith a brown leather bandand a pin-striped suit. Dr. Cardona grew upin a housing projectand on his first dayof Kindergarten,at John Barry School,when he knew no English.he ended up cryingin the nurse’s officeand leaving schoolContinue reading “Dr. Miguel A. Cardona, Nominee for U.S. Secretary of Education”

20 for 2020, My Gratitude Challenge

20 for 2020, I called it. On December 6th, I decided to do a Gratitude Marathon of sorts. I would write 20 things I was grateful for each day. I was unsure about it. I didn’t know if shouting out my blessings into the void was appropriate at a time when so many people areContinue reading “20 for 2020, My Gratitude Challenge”

Inauguration Week 2021

I want to rememberthis week forever.How I held my breath,until it releasedlike an ocean waveto the sound of the National Anthemsung by Lady Gagain a red skirt that reached Atlantaand a gold broochof a dove. Descending peace,maybe not,to a divided countrybut to the little boymy dear co-workerwill, finally, be able to adopt from Somalia,to theContinue reading “Inauguration Week 2021”

21 Tiny Acts of Self Care

Light a candle. Hug your children. Drink a glass of water or a cup of tea. Clean something you don’t normally clean, run vinegar through the coffee maker, throw away the receipts in your purse, Put on lavender hand lotion. Eat a super food a handful of nuts, dark chocolate, or a scrambled egg, darkContinue reading “21 Tiny Acts of Self Care”

Gratitude for Returning to School

I’ll listen to podcasts on my drive there and novels on the way home. I’ll have a bright, safe space to meet with students. I’ll get to chat more with co-worker friends and take kids outside for their groups. We can watch spring come together, and look at the sky instead of screens. Then, weContinue reading “Gratitude for Returning to School”