Gratitude Day 24, Me!

1. I love that I got a degree in Philosophy even thought it was wildly impractical. I love how it helps me think.

2. I love my job and working with kids from other cultures and their parents.

3. I love that I choose my own way in life, that I’m a Buddhist.

4. I love my marriage and that we support each other and don’t try to complete or meld into each other.

5. I love how I have always persisted, never given up.

6. I love that I was on the swim team in high school and I worked my butt off even thought I was always the slowest one. I love how strong it made me.

7. I love my relationship with my mom, going shopping, watching This is Us.

8. I love how hard I worked to learn Spanish, how I read children’s novels and watched TV shows and movies in Spanish. How I travelled to Mexico to study Spanish twice.

9. I love the deep conversations I have with my brother early on Saturday mornings.

10. I love that I listen to interesting podcasts.

11. I love the kind of parent I am, how I laugh with my kids

12. and make them eat their vegetables.

13. I love that I’m not afraid to say what I think.

14. I love how many old friendships I’ve kept.

15. I love that I workout nearly every day, that I’m strong.

16. I love how brave I was when I was young, how I wanted to explore the world.

17. I love that I try to to do things to make the Earth a better place to live.

18. I vote.

19. I turn off lights.

20. I compost.

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