Gratitude 23

Here is a list of 20 things I am grateful I will someday be able to do again. I am feeling more and more hopeful.

  1. smile at my co-workers
  2. hug my students
  3. meditate at Hokyoji
  4. celebrate holidays with family
  5. go to a Piyo class at my gym
  6. go to restaurants with friends
  7. travel
  8. take my kids to summer camp
  9. wear lipstick to a grocery store
  10. shake hands with someone I just met
  11. see my brother
  12. see Hamilton with my mom
  13. see David Sedaris, laugh hard sitting next to a stranger
  14. stand in a crowded line to get ice cream at Minnehaha park
  15. share a book with a child, lean in to look at the pictures
  16. teach a lesson without an iPad
  17. see my students smiling
  18. throw a birthday party for my kids
  19. go to their band concert
  20. sit next to a stranger on a crowded train

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