Gratitude 21

I spent a lot of time cleaning my bathroom today. I cleaned drawers and toothbrush handles. Sometimes, things look so pretty in the store and then I take them home, put them in a drawer and stop seeing their beauty. I polished things off and noticed them all over again today.

  1. the silvered lid to my violet-tinted, glass jar of night cream
  2. the mist coming from my petal-shaped essential oil diffuser, wiped clean
  3. how the plastic pump shined when I wiped off the soap scum from my shea oil foaming hand wash
  4. the smooth white porcelain of my toilet wiped clean, the satisfaction of using an old tooth brush to scrub the grime built up on the hinges so that even though they are chipped, they sparkle
  5. the soy candle with the wick that crackles like a campfire
  6. scrubbing of the soap scum around the spout and on the plastic bottle of translucent blue Dawn dish soap and holding it up to the light
  7. cutting off the crumpled paper top of the package of gauze pads I use to apply toner that sits on my bathroom counter
  8. washing out the tray I keep my toothbrushes in, getting rid of hairs, dried toothpaste and fallen dust
  9. noticing that even plastic shines when clean
  10. removing old peeling labels from jars
  11. finding a manicure set I got in my Christmas stocking years ago. An old label was on the chartreuse case. Working hard to scrub it off and polish it clean. Seeing it rest in my drawer with new eyes.
  12. listening to On Being, to Krista Tippet interviewing poets, while I clean
  13. eating the Kringlar, Norwegian almond pastry, my neighbor gave us
  14. with a cup of green tea
  15. playing Can’t Catch Harry with my family
  16. Abby shrieking when she got all Devils, “You’re all back at zero!” and all of us laughing hysterically
  17. painting my nails Cafe Amore, a deep blackish red, with Abby, laughing about how we had been lax on our beauty regimen
  18. finishing The Bridge Home, a book about homeless children in India with Eric, cuddling next to Olive
  19. ordering Thai food for dinner
  20. watching The Queen’s Gambit with Kevin

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