Gratitude 20- Christmas

  1. Waking up early and sitting by the tree with my kids and my mom
  2. drinking coffee and receiving gifts-
  3. silver hoop earrings with little stones in every color of the rainbow
  4. a sleeping teddy bear with pink cheeks, a yellow scarf around its neck and, and little paw prints on its feet
  5. a specially designed deck of playing cards with compliments like, “You have big biceps,” and “Tú eres mu intelligente” on each card.
  6. a coffee mug that had Yoda giving a Golden Retriever a fist bump that said, “Yoda best Golden Retriever mom.”
  7. silver lotus earrings
  8. a green Ohio University hat with a pom pom and a paw print.
  9. fuzzy light blue slippers with Golden Retriever heads and paw prints all over them.
  10. I am grateful that I had enough money
  11. and time
  12. that I was able to give presents that my family loved.
  13. That felt good.
  14. the movie, Soul, which we watched this afternoon- so beautiful
  15. watching Friends with my mom and my daughter, laughing so hard
  16. and crying real tears when Joey told Rachel he loved her.
  17. my husband and my son making ravioli from scratch
  18. and crusting tomatoes for the sauce
  19. while I did a 400 piece puzzle with my mom and my daughter
  20. eating Russian tea cakes for dessert

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