Gratitude 18

Things I’m grateful for about my daughter.

  1. Finally taking her home from the hospital.
  2. When Eric was a newborn and she was holding him on the boppy and, then, she looked up at me and said, “Can you hold buddy? I have to dance.”
  3. When we would stop at Starbucks after Mickey’s and she would get a kid’s hot chocolate and I would get a pumpkin spice latte.
  4. When we were driving home from Papa and G’s on Christmas Eve and she asked me if she could have a cookie and when I said “no,” she said “I’m go to Minneapolis all by myself.” (We had gone there on the train to see Santa and I had bought her a frosted sugar cookie shaped like a mouse. She pretty much thought Santa lived in Minneapolis.) “Which way is Minneapolis?”
  5. When she would come home from Mickey’s and say. “No pants. Just dress,” and put on her yellow princess nightgown and her black patent leather shows.
  6. When we were leaving gymnastics and she was squeezing my hand (Our code for I love you so much but sometimes we would add extra so’s) and she said “The first time I ever squeezed your hand it stood for I love you and the rest of them since then have all been so’s”
  7. When I walked to her Elementary school to meet her when she got off the bus on the first day of Kindergarten. Seeing her walk down the steps with her big princess backpack.
  8. How she loved reading Harry Potter with Kevin and how they went to Harry Potter World just the two of them when she was in 3rd grad.
  9. How she tries to climb every tree she sees in the summer time.
  10. How she dressed up as Lebron James for her famous person report in 2nd grade and asked me to put her hair in a pony tail so she could look like him.
  11. How she wants so badly to be a kind person.
  12. When we kayaked to Canada from Gunflint Lodge. How she loved putting her foot on the rock and saying she was in Canada.
  13. How talented she is with music. How she can figure out songs on the guitar and clarinet.
  14. How she persists. When her teacher Mary told me in preschool how determined she was to climb to the top of Challenge hill.
  15. How she loves moves with bad words and wants me to explain all of the inappropriate stuff.
  16. How she loves to be active and always says yes when I ask her to do an exercise video with me or take a bike ride.
  17. How she is so interested in people and remembers the name of the nice waiter we had at Gunflint Lodge three years ago.
  18. How she loves birthdays and remembers them. She remembers the years her great grandmothers were born and all the cousins’ birthdays.
  19. How she was so good as the chef in The Little Mermaid play. How she mastered the French accent and made the audience laugh.
  20. How she loves sushi and chocolate. How she has been learning to bake and makes cookies and pumpkin muffins.

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