Gratitude Day 17

Last August, we went to our friends’ family land on Madeline Island. It was a wonderful escape from our many days at home in 2020.

  1. Falling in love with little Wisconsin towns with cheese curd food trucks on the way there. Like Cumberland, with the beautiful lake, the health food co-op and all the streets with number fractions for a name 25 ¾ or 26 ½.
  2. Eating Barbecue chips on the ferry.
  3. Finding chanterelle mushrooms in the woods.
  4. Walking to their secluded beach where you can’t see anyone except a few people, sailing in the distance.
  5. All of the pretty stones on the beach- gold, earthy red, and green, round, smooth beach glass,
  6. Madeline, Rebekah’s five-year-old daughter, picking up a million of them and giving them as gifts to my thirteen-year-old daughter, Abby. Abby’s pockets always being so full.
  7. Eating powdered donuts for breakfast.
  8. Rebekah building a fire on the beach at night, next to which Jim’s twenty-something stepson taught my 10-year-old son how to juggle with glow-in-the-dark juggling balls.
  9. Reading a Elin Hilderbrand book about a summer wedding in Nantucket.
  10. Jim and Kevin playing guitar on the screened-in porch.
  11. All the girls putting on face masks so we could sit together and paint our toenails sparkly gold in the trailer.
  12. Olive going off-leash and exploring the woods, chomping on the water as she waded through the lake, and playing with their dog, Luna.
  13. Floating on the oversized unicorn inner tube in the sun.
  14. Sleeping in a full-sized bed with my husband (instead of the king-size, we have a home), holding him tight to keep warm in the cool night.
  15. Eric skipping stones in Lake Superior.
  16. The kids jumping in the waves in the rain.
  17. Making coffee in the morning and drinking it sitting on an old log on the beach with Olive.
  18. Eating wild blackberries in the meadow where Jim and Rebekah got married.
  19. Eric and Abby singing Hamilton songs going back on the ferry. Stopping at a gas station after and buying a Hershey bar, Coke, Sour Dots, Orange Fanta and peanut M&M’s. Then, stopping again and eating fried cheese curds in front of the billboard for Cornstalk, WI, Home of the Olympic Gold Winning Wrestling Brothers, 1972 and 1976.
  20. Driving home past the little churches with steeples, a cheese haus and a road named Moonshine Alley, a field of black and white cows, and cornfields with yellow wildflowers. Trying to write lyrics that Kevin could put into a song. Listening to Greg Brown.

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