Gratitude Challenge Day 9

Today, I am grateful for food.

  1. the homemade iced gingerbread men with candy buttons that my sister-in law sent us in a little Christmas tin, using waxed paper to divide them
  2. the smoothies I make each morning with organic Greek yogurt, frozen raspberries, kale, and vanilla protein powder
  3. the frozen vegetables my kids like – My love language is making sure my kids eat vegetables.
  4. fresh water a tiny bit colder than room temperature
  5. the Cafe Latte Turtle cake my friends bought for my baby shower
  6. the frozen ravioli my son loves and is so easy to make
  7. Sweet Tango apples in a paper tote
  8. clementines in a wooden crate at Christmas time
  9. palomas in the summer time with a salted rim
  10. the pierogis and Polish sausage I eat each year on my dad’s birthday
  11. Holy Land hummus and pita
  12. my friend Kim’s hummus that tastes like my twenties
  13. Aldi’s – I save so much freakin’ money shopping at Aldi’s
  14. the noodles my husband and kids make from scratch
  15. my mom’s Thanksgiving stuffing
  16. the waffles with pecans that my daughter made me yesterday morning and how I had to get out of my pajamas to go to Oxendale’s because we were out of vegetable oil, which felt a bit burdensome, but, then, when I got there, it felt like Christmas
  17. my mom’s french toast with cinnamon sugar
  18. chimichangas, rice salad, or black bean salsa at my favorite college restaurant, Casa Nueva, in Athens Ohio – Actually, Casa is my favorite restaurant anywhere, I think because I ate there at a time when being out in the world on my own was still so exciting.
  19. the Häagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream with big chunks of peanut butter that I ate when I was pregnant with my daughter
  20. the lattes I drank in Chicago with my friend, Mary Ellen, at Kopi Cafe

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