Gratitude Challenge Day 7

I am trying to balance my gratitude. I want to both bring up what is good in my life right now and make good memories of my past stronger. For today, I’m going to focus on today.

  1. I got up before anyone else in my house and read this Modern Love essay while drinking hot coffee. Being reminded of impermanence always fills me with gratitude for the now.
  2. My friend texted me and asked if I wanted to go for an early morning walk.
  3. I left, while the house was still quiet and drove to meet her at the river.
  4. I missed the turn, but noticed right away. The road was empty so I did a u-turn and barely went out of my way.
  5. No one was on the path, so I decided to take my dog off-leash.
  6. Little is better in life than seeing my dog (or my kids) truly happy.
  7. We hiked up to an old wooden swing bridge built for the railway and designed by I.F. Stern of Chicago. I had never hiked up there before and it felt like traveling, seeing the pigeons perched in a line on top of the stone entryway.
  8. We talked about things we wouldn’t have talked about if our kids or husbands were around, conversations you can only have with girl friends.
  9. I left and drove to Brake Bread. Brake Bread, a bakery, tries to make the world a better place. They stamp BLM with an image of a raised fist on their loaves. They deliver bread on bikes. They package with paper, not plastic.
  10. We have subscription and every Saturday between 10 and 12, I pick up pastries that we eat all weekend.
  11. I came home and had a Babka Spinner with a hot cup of Sweet and Spicy tea.
  12. My daughter and I watched Love Actually, which is the first R rated movie she’s watched. I love that movie and laughed and cried.
  13. My son and I drove to The Red Balloon and bought books.
  14. We also bought a Kamala Harris magnet to mail to a friend of mine who is Indian (though she grew up in Kenya) and feared for her sons after 45 was elected.
  15. Grand Avenue felt like Christmas.
  16. My daughter has decided that she has “karate class” every Saturday at 1:30. My husband, a karate teacher, agreed to this, so they did kata in the family room.
  17. My husband has already started cooking a roast for dinner.
  18. Yesterday, we decided to be in a bubble with my mom (and not wear masks around each other) now that I don’t go to work anymore.
  19. I love seeing her sitting on my couch, smiling.
  20. She will be coming over soon to take a walk as the sun goes down and people turn on their Christmas lights.

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