Gratitude Challenge Day 4

  1. I took my car to the self-service car wash, put my dollar coin in the slot and used the power sprayer. So Satisfying.
  2. I dropped off my plastic bags at Lowe’s. I’m so grateful they won’t end up in a landfill or the ocean. Also, that the drawer where I kept them is empty.
  3. I listened to “Mrs. Everything” by Jennifer Weiner while I ran errands.
  4. I picked up the “Family Feast” from Brasa – rotisserie chicken from Kadejan farms with green sauce, red beans, yellow rice, salad, homemade tortilla chips and salsa. My husband was so happy and it felt good.
  5. I bought new stationery cards with pictures of cherry blossoms and calligraphy pens. I am grateful for the promise of sending pretty mail.
  6. I went to a hard meeting about first graders who are not showing up for their zoom calls or getting their work done. The meeting was frustrating and depressing, but I am grateful that so many professionals came together to try to support these kids.
  7. I abhor looking for lost things. My husband always puts down what he is doing to help me find them.
  8. I’ve been meditating and chanting with my sangha instead of commuting to work.
  9. I started texting with an online Mental Health coach through a program free to me through my insurance.
  10. My son played virtual chess with his cousin for hours.
  11. My thirteen-year-old daughter wrote an email to her Math teacher advocating for herself, saying the Math videos are hard to understand and go too fast.
  12. All of the first graders I teach have 24-hour access to internet and iPads with really good Reading and Math apps. I have taught English Language Learners for 20ish years and this year, during distance learning, is the first time that they can choose to learn a nearly infinite amount on their own. They don’t have to wait to be in a group with me.
  13. My daughter and I did day 1 of 21 Day Fix and I felt really good after.
  14. My son and I read Booked, and I laughed so hard my eyes filled up with tears.
  15. The six-year-old twin boys from Mexico I teach showed me their Christmas pencils and wore their Santa hats at every zoom meeting this week.
  16. Last summer, I bought an inflatable pool (the really big kind) and my husband did all of the work, even though he doesn’t even really like to go in pools. He had to dig up part of the ground to make it level and the only good place we had for a pool was under a tree so it needed constant cleaning.
  17. My office mates when we were in hybrid were really good about wearing their masks all of the time, so I felt safe there.
  18. A gastro-pub opened super close to my house literally a week before everything shut down in March. Last summer, when restaurants opened up, we would walk there with my dog and eat on the patio and the server would bring Olive a treat and a bowl of water. We’d get cocktails and my children would get the popcorn shrimp which she loved.
  19. My son got to go to school for five days this year. He loved those days.
  20. My daughter never got to return to school, but she went to Circus classes in person all fall and would come out beaming behind her mask.

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