Gratitude Challenge Day 2

  1. I am teaching from home on zoom right now and I’ve moved my desk so it sits in front of a big window that I can look out and see our huge ash tree.
  2. I ate leftovers from Mucci’s for lunch- homemade noodles, drunken kale, and brussel sprouts- yum.
  3. My 13-year-old daughter told her friend that she was chatting with on a Google Meet to hold on and gave me a hug.
  4. The heat, I just turned up, that is blowing out of the vent and warming my cold toes.
  5. The little purple Buddha statue that says “Be where you are,” hanging from my light blue floor lamp with a gold tassel on the shade.
  6. This morning, when my son, came out to cuddle with me when I was drinking my coffee next to the fire with the Christmas tree lit. I was assigning zoom meetings to my students on my phone and he fell asleep with his head in my lap.
  7. The satisfaction of finishing a book. I finished City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert last night.
  8. Last night, I had hot cocoa with bourbon and my family watched Noelle. Such a sweet Christmas movie. My dog kept trying to bite my sleeve so I put peanut butter in her Kong to keep her occupied.
  9. I just had a big glass of water. I love my tap water. The tap water at my work is gross, but my home tap water is so delicious.
  10. The students I had in hybrid, I am now seeing on zoom. I love, love, love to see their whole faces. Their smiles are so beautiful.
  11. I couldn’t find my credit card and thought I had left it at Cub, but then I realized that it had just fallen in my purse.
  12. I ordered diapers and formula from Amazon last summer to donate after the protests. I had signed up to have them delivered on Subscribe and Save so I could get the twenty percent off. I thought I’d cancel the subscription, but I forgot and last weekend a bunch of diapers and formula came to my door. After much deliberation about whether or not I should return them, I decided to donate them. The Y was closed, but a worker came in to meet me so I could drop them off. She was so happy and said they’d be gone tomorrow and I felt so good.
  13. My husband is making broccoli and cheese omelets for dinner.
  14. My daughter briefly was my shoe size and then her feet grew and I got her fuzzy winter boots.
  15. My daughter and I went to Cub to “just buy pierogi’s,” but we left with a wreath with glittery pinecones and a big red bow, a plant with a red-felt cardinal, a many-colored knit winter hat with a pom pom for her, and three boxes of Nutrigrain, Eggo blueberry waffles. So fun.
  16. Nothing hurt all day. Not my head or my back.
  17. I do not have an ear infection or an itchy skin rash.
  18. I do not have the Corona Virus.
  19. A friend whose sons went to preschool with my son said she would do the Gratitude Challenge with me.
  20. Writing this list was harder than I thought it would be, but it made me really appreciate the little things in my day. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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