20 Things I Want to Remember About 2020

Today, the last day of my gratitude challenge, I posted 20 things I want to remember about 2020. The deep sacrifices made to save lives. The ways people spoke out about injustice. And the sometimes stunning silver linings. How I skimmed the articles about COVID-19 in January, thinking it wouldn’t affect me. How much healthContinue reading “20 Things I Want to Remember About 2020”

Gratitude 22 -Backpacking through Europe (and a tiny slice of Asia)

When I was 23, I backpacked through Poland, Hungary, Turkey and Italy. We almost entirely slept in a tent with the exception of Budapest where we arrived at the campsite late at night after it had closed. We met a woman who offered her “little box,” (her limited English word for a camper trailer) sinceContinue reading “Gratitude 22 -Backpacking through Europe (and a tiny slice of Asia)”

Gratitude 20- Christmas

Waking up early and sitting by the tree with my kids and my mom drinking coffee and receiving gifts- silver hoop earrings with little stones in every color of the rainbow a sleeping teddy bear with pink cheeks, a yellow scarf around its neck and, and little paw prints on its feet a specially designedContinue reading “Gratitude 20- Christmas”

Gratitude 19 – Christmas Eve

Yesterday, was so busy I didn’t do my list. We celebrated with my husband’s parents and then my mom came over and spent the night so she could be here Christmas morning. Writing this list was really nice because I got to stop and really appreciate every little thing I received, some of which IContinue reading “Gratitude 19 – Christmas Eve”

Gratitude Day 17

Last August, we went to our friends’ family land on Madeline Island. It was a wonderful escape from our many days at home in 2020. Falling in love with little Wisconsin towns with cheese curd food trucks on the way there. Like Cumberland, with the beautiful lake, the health food co-op and all the streetsContinue reading “Gratitude Day 17”