20 Ways to Feel Better in Fall of 2020

Photo by Stephanie Krist on Unsplash
  1. Breathe into your belly.
  2. Take a walk at night or in the rain.
  3. Clean something you don’t usually clean. Run vinegar through the coffee pot or wash the shower curtain.
  4. Hang your sheets to dry in the sun.  Take a nap, inhaling the freshness of them.
  5. Exercise.  Do yoga and focus on your breath.  Lift weights.  Do cardio even though you hate it.  Your brain will feel amazing after.
  6. Pick a tomato from the garden and eat it still warm, sprinkled with salt.
  7. Look for beauty, dew drops on perfectly formed spider webs, lights on inside houses at night, sunshine sparkling on leaves.
  8. Turn the air conditioning off, open all the windows, and listen to the birds.
  9. Put on your headphones, set the timer for 20 minutes and crazy dance around the house to Lady Gaga.
  10. Connect. Hug your husband and smell his safe warmth.  Ask cashiers about their day.  Cuddle with your dog.
  11. Be grateful. Especially for the simple things like clean water and sunshine, bread from your favorite bakery.  
  12. Paint your toenails sparkly gold.  
  13. Meditate on the deck.  Feel the outside air on your skin.
  14. Remind yourself that you don’t need to have an opinion.
  15. Close drawers carefully with both hands and watch the pasta water boil.
  16. Drink a glass of water.
  17. Have faith that you’ll keep going. You’ll breathe in cool air, watch the leaves change color, and laugh hard no matter what.
  18. Take care of the Earth. Turn off lights and unplug the toaster.  Compost and eat vegetarian meals.  
  19. Take breaks from the news, and social media.  Read novels and write poems instead. 
  20.  Choose to love everything about yourself.  Love your wrinkles and your excessive sentimentality.  Love your strength.

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