Why Teachers Can’t Stay Six Feet Away

I teach Englishto six year olds,(who speak Spanish or Somali,Urdu or Hmong)I bring my books and little whiteboardsinto their First grade classroomsand work beside their teachersso they can stay withtheir English speaking friends. I sit so close to themat little tables,on the rug,or beside their desks.I lean in, my ear, inches awaystraining to heartheir shyContinue reading “Why Teachers Can’t Stay Six Feet Away”

The American Dream?

How My Family Became White I am white. My dad, however, who was the grandson of Polish immigrants, was something else. Something in between. I found my grandpa’s birth certificate from 1909 on Ancestry.com.  In beautiful handwriting, crossed and scribbled out in a few spots, it tells a story.  He was born in Dupont, PAContinue reading “The American Dream?”

A Poem for Someone Who Never Broke My Heart

A poem for someone who never broke my heart. Whose quiet presence is always there, like my skin. Someone who takes care, but not of everything, leaving socks on the floor, pouring me a glass of wine. Someone, Who stares at his iPad when I want to talk. Who gets cold eyes when I becomeContinue reading “A Poem for Someone Who Never Broke My Heart”

How to Stay Balanced during the Corona Virus Pandemic

Give. Think about what you have to give. If you have money, give to a food shelter or other charity. It probably won’t feel good. In scary times, we have a tendency to hoard instead of giving. Give anyway. If you don’t have money or can’t bear to part with it. Give something else. Give compassion.Continue reading “How to Stay Balanced during the Corona Virus Pandemic”

Teachable Moments: Living, Educating, and Parenting During COVID-19

April 25, 2020 Dear Parents, I am a parent and have been a teacher for 20 years. I see so many parents on social media that are so stressed about the pressures of remote learning. I am writing this to say, STOP! YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS TO YOURSELF! Teachers barely understand howContinue reading “Teachable Moments: Living, Educating, and Parenting During COVID-19”